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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Heel Pain in the Young Athlete
Heel pain is one of the most common symptoms I see in young athletes. Often, the pain is so bad that it keeps kids from being able to practice and compete. Occasionally, the heels become so severely painful that it is difficult for the athlete to even walk without limping.

So what is the cause of this scourge of the active young athlete? Chances are someone on your team or in your league, or even an older sibling has suffered from it—Sever’s Disease.

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  • Lions announce 2015 Tryouts
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    St. Louis Lions News Release Wednesday January 21, 2015 St. Louis, MO – The St. Louis Lions Soccer Club has announced it will hold Open Tryouts on February 21nd and 22nd of 2015.  The St Louis Lions are pleased to announce details of their 2015 tryouts. As they enter their 10th season of play, and off the back of their second play-off appearance in team history, the Lions offer one of the top places in the PDL for college players to play during the summer. Having placed over 30 players in
  • Lions Elite Academy - 2015 College Showcase
    Full Story
    The St. Louis Lions Elite Academy are excited to announce that our 2015 College Showcase will take place on Sunday, February 15, 2015 Our Showcase is open to All Boys & Girls in the St. Louis area! Girls will play from 12:00pm-3:00pm Boys will play from 3:00pm-6:00pm Registration for the showcase is Now Open! Please click here for more info
  • 2015 NSCAA Convention - Philadelphia, PA
    Full Story
    Tony Glavin, President & Head Coach, and Jonny Brown, Director of Operations & Marketing, will be representing the St. Louis Lions and the St. Louis Lions Elite Academy at the 2015 NSCAA Convention in Philly this week! Billed as "The World's Largest Annual Gathering of Soccer Coaches," each year the NSCAA Convention draws approximately 4,000 coaches from our 30,000-plus members, and more than 10,000 attendees over five days for live field demonstration and lecture sessions, networking s
  • A Look at Lions Alumni in College Action
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    August 31, 2014 As the NCAA Division I and the NAIA schools kicked off their seasons, we take a look at how St Louis Lions Alumni performed in the opening games! Click here to read more...
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