Calling All Youth Soccer Fans! We need Game Day Assistants!


The St. Louis Lions are beginning their 10th season in the PDL league. As we continue to progress in years of soccer, we look to make things better.

Each game we have players to escort out the PDL players and ball retrievers.

Use this link to sign up!

We have spots for 30 kids a game:

22 Player Escorts

8 Ball Retrievers (must be 11 years old or up-league requirement)

We have kids from the area escort the players onto the field for the playing of the National Anthem (like they do for USL games and European Soccer-I am sure you noticed them in the World Cup). The kids get to experience a special event and join in the start of the game with the players from the St. Louis Lions and the opposing team.

The older soccer play can also escort players, but we also ask for them to be ball retrievers. They are positioned around the field to support with getting the ball that is kicked out of play. Due to the patience and attention span it takes to do this job, we ask that the players be 11 years old.

If your child would like to do both (escort and retrieve) please make sure to sign up for both, you will only get one shirt, but can do both roles.

This year we have secured sponsors to fund our program to purchase shirts that say "St. Louis Lions Game Day Assistant". The kids that come to our events get to keep the shirt as a thank you for participating.

This is open to the public, any soccer club, any soccer enthusiast or any kid. What we ask is that you sign up due to the limited spots and receiving a shirt.

We need name and shirt size in order to coordinate this. Also provide a contact email address in case of updates. Please feel free to contact with me any questions and spread the word.

To Sign Up, Click



Kathy Lorimier (Director of Game Day Operations for the St. Louis Lions)