The Lions Tighten Up Their 1st Place Position!


June 12, 2017 - Article by Lions Intern, Lauren Lemp

The last time the lions faced Chicago FC United they suffered a tough loss, but things were going to happen differently this time around.

Within the first 15 minutes Chicago was on the board 0-2. It did not take long for the Lions to step up. Possession picked up, runs were made, and the aggression went up a notch. Hard work paid off after a great pass from Lucas Almeida to Vadim Cojocov who brought the score to 1-2. This goal puts Vadim in the among the top 20 goal scores in the PDL. Starting of the second half the right way, Cody Blentlinger puts one in the net off a pass from across the box from Paul Migliarina to tie things up. The pressure picked up, but the Lions kept working. An excellent goal from Justin Stinson in the 76th minute gave the Lions the lead and eventually the victory they had been pushing for. 

The 3-2 victory brings the lions to the top of leader board in the Heartland division, and number four in the Central Conference. Not only is this a good start for the Lions, but some impressive performance from keeper, Casey Clark, has ranked him 8th in the PDL for goals saved.

The Lions next game is Saturday June 17th where they face STLFC U23 for the second time in hopes to continue their successful season. For tickets, click here.

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